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Sweet Potato Pie

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

There is nothing like a warm slice of sweet potato pie and vanilla ice cream. I remember when Thanksgiving and Christmas would roll around my mom would make sweet potato pie, coconut pie, egg custard pie, and yes vinegar pie. Oh My God! Lip-smacking good pie. My favorite was coconut and egg custard but, as an adult, sweet potato pie took over my taste buds.

Mama Alice always made her sweet potato pie with canned sweet potatoes but my aunt Dot's pie was just a bit different. I love you mama but she did edge you out. I remember asking her what was the secret. She used fresh sweet potatoes. (fresh is best) I decided to start using fresh sweet potatoes and a touch of lemon juice. Just a squeeze. I made a few other adjustments to my recipe. I don't like nutmeg so this recipe is cinnamon only. I love it and I hope you do too.

Ingredients Sweet Potato Pie

  • Sweet Potatoes- I used 2 large sweet potatoes, which can yield 2 pies

  • Sugar- this recipe uses both light brown sugar and granulated white sugar

  • Butter- Softened butter blends well in this recipe and gives richness to the dish

  • Eggs- Room-temperature eggs work best in this recipe. The eggs are the binding agent.

  • Vanilla extract- vanilla will always enhance the flavor of the pie.

  • Milk- Heavy cream and a half and half are used in this recipe. It provides a creamy filling. Evaporate milk can be used. ( it's what mama Alice used)

  • Deep Dish Pie Crust- I like Pillsbury the best. the regular pie crust doesn't give enough depth to the pie.

Let's Cook!

  • Sweet Potatoes- Boil or bake the sweet potatoes until they are tender. I like to boil them because it is faster. Peel the potatoes and mash them using a potato masher.

  • Butter, Lemon Zest & Sugar- Add in the lemon zest and sugar and blend the ingredients well.

  • Eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon- in a second bowl, mix the eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla and pour it into the sweet potato bowl. Whisk until smooth, you can use an electric mixer and pour into the pie crust. Bake until done and serve.

Step 1 Preheat the oven to 350° F. Rinse the sweet potatoes and place them in a large saucepan and boil until they are tender. Piece with a fork to test. ( you can bake them at 425° F on a baking sheet in the oven for 45 minutes or until tender. make sure you pierce the potato with a fork )

Once the potatoes are ready, allow them to cool. peel off the skins. Place them in a mixing bowl and mash them with a potato masher. ( you can use a handheld mixer.) Zest 1/2 tsp of lemon zest and the softened butter and sugar to the potatoes

Step 2 Next in a separate bowl add the eggs, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. Whisk well and pour it into the bowl with the sweet potatoes.

Step 3 Pour the filling into the pie crust and bake at 350°F for about 55- 60 minutes or until the top is toasty brown. Insert a toothpick in the middle and it comes out clean.

Remove and allow to cool for at least 30 minutes.

Bon Appetit, ENJOY!

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1 Comment

Erik James
Erik James
Oct 17, 2022

That looks delicious !! more people have to see this

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