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French Toast

Updated: Apr 13

Sweet cinnamon French toast is such a delicious treat for breakfast. A great option on any brunch menu or change up the dinner menu with breakfast. French toast should be soft on the inside with a kiss of crunch on the outside. A hint of vanilla and cinnamon and then topped with your favorite topping. There are so many options to your French toast toppings. Powder sugar and fresh fruit is my favorite and then drizzled in warm maple syrup. I have used whipped cream or a fruit compote when I want to take those extra steps.

I remember when my mom would fix breakfast for dinner, oh my God it would be such a treat. She made the best French toast, scramble cheese and eggs, and the best pancakes. In the mornings before I would leave for school my mom got up extra early and fix my breakfast and left it on the stove wrap in aluminum foil over steam heat so I could have a hot breakfast right before school. French toast was one of those meals I would unwrap and be surprised. The steam would warm the syrup and the sausage would barely touch that maple syrup so good. She was so thoughtful and spoiled me rotten. I miss her dearly.

Of course I changed mama Alice recipe just a little bit but, not much. I switched out the bread from Wonder loaf bread to honey wheat then I switched to Brioche bread. I have also used French bread and Bagel French Toast with cereal. I like the Brioche and French bread the best. The bread can hold up to the egg mixture without it getting soggy. You want the bread to soak up the egg mixture but the inside should be soft not soggy.

Did You Know?

French toast existed as early as the Roman empire. It was called Pan Dulcis, the Romans would soak bread in milk and egg mix and fry it in butter or oil. Some things never change. Now in France, French toast is called pain perdu, which means "lost bread".

Frequently Asked Question

How do you know when French toast is done?

French toast should be golden brown on the outside and soft on the inside. Wait a couple of minutes, lift one side of the toast to see the color before flipping.

What type of bread should I use for French toast?

The best type of bread to use is a thick bread like Brioche or French bread. These two can hold up to the egg mixture without getting soggy. You can use loaf bread I would not soak in the egg mixture as long

Can I save the French toast batter?

The leftover batter can be stored in the fridge 1-2 days at the most.

Ingredients French Toast

Let's Cook!

  • In a shallow bowl add heavy cream and whisk the two eggs.

  • Add in the cinnamon and vanilla extract

  • Place the slice of Brioche bread in the egg mixture, allow it to soak up the egg mixture.

  • Flip the bread and soak the second side

  • Turn on the griddle 325°F or non-stick frying pan, add the butter over medium heat.

  • Once the butter is melted place the bread on hot griddle. Check to make sure the bread is golden brown before flipping. Using a spatula flip and brown the second side. Ready to serve with your favorite toppings

Bon Appetit, ENJOY!

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