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String Beans and Potatoes

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

I remember going to my aunt house in South Hill, Va. in the summer to help in the garden. Oh! how I hated going to the country. We could not sleep in on Saturday morning. When you got up the bed was made and the chores were completed before sunrise. Milk the cow, get the eggs from the hen house. Then everyone hit the garden. The sun so hot, I'm melting Aunt Em!

Once that was done, I would follow my mom and aunt to the front porch sit on the porch swing and pick and snap the string beans for Sunday dinner. That was years ago, but the memory is like it was yesterday.

Did You Know! The name string beans are also called green beans. They are the edible fruits of the bean plant. The reason they are called string beans because of the fibrous string that runs along the length of the pod, this should be removed before eating. Especially, if you are cooking fresh string beans.


Refrigerator- Once the string beans cool they can be stored in your fridge about 3-5 days. Signs of bad cooked beans is usually a sour smell and white liquid surrounding the string beans.

Freezer- Strings beans and be stored in your freezer if properly stored up to three months. Make a habit of jotting down the date you froze the string beans on your zip lock bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use meat to flavor the string beans

If you want the southern version of this dish you can add smoked turkey, smoke bacon, or ham hocks. That's taking back home when you add the meat.

Can I cook this in a slow cooker?

You can definitely slow cook the string beans, especially if you are using fresh string beans. Start the slow cooker on high and after an hour you can turn it down to low heat. Your string beans should be nice a tender.

Ingredients String Beans and Potatoes

String Beans- Fresh is always best but frozen string beans was used in this dish

Potatoes- Russet potatoes was used but red potatoes will be great too

Onion- provide sweetness to the dish

Better than bouillon- vegetable broth is the best broth to season not only the string beans but the potatoes too. Salt and pepper to taste.

Let's Cook!

String Beans- Fresh is always best. If using fresh string beans, wash and snap the ends and break in half. Frozen should be ready to cook.

Potatoes- Rinse the potatoes clean and cut in medium size cubes.

Better than bouillon- Create the vegetable broth. In a saucepan add the potatoes and cook until they are almost tender

Onions- chop the onions finely and add to the potato broth until tender. Add in the string beans salt and pepper to taste. Cook the string beans until tender and seasoned. Simmer another 10 minutes and serve.

Bon Appetit, ENJOY!

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