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Sweet Tea Lemonade & Vodka Cocktail

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The south is known for sweet tea. Combine that with fresh lemonade and Vodka on a hot summer day, you got yourself a cool refreshing adult cocktail to wine down after a long work day.

This drink is sweet and fresh, and you barely taste the alcohol. Kick off your shoes and relax your mind. Be careful not to drink too much at once. Always be responsible but, enjoy your day. Simple, quick, and easy to make.

Cocktails can be refreshing, relaxing all year round. Sometimes you have to bring the summer drinks to the winter, try the Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail too.

Ingredients Sweet Tea Lemonade & Vodka Cocktail

  • Black Tea Bags- Any teabag will do for this recipe

  • Water- use to dilute the tea, lemon, and sugar

  • Sugar- sweeten the cocktail

  • Lemons- provide the citrus the cocktail needs to bring the drink together

  • Vodka- the spirit that gives the cocktail the extra kick to relax the mind

Let's Create A Drink!

  1. Water & Sugar- combine half of the water and the sugar together, and bring the two to a boil to create a simple syrup over medium heat.

  2. Tea- place tea bags in the simple syrup

  3. Lemons- use a lemon squeezer to extract the juice of 3-4 lemons and add to the mixture. Allow cooling and add the remaining water.

  4. Vodka- Pour the Vodka into the Tea and Lemonade in a pitcher and set it in the refrigerator to cool. Serve over ice.

Cheers, Enjoy!

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1 Comment

Erik James
Erik James
Oct 13, 2022

that looks refreshing

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