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Lobster Roll

I love seafood and lobster is one of my favorites. I love baked lobster in garlic butter, lobster bisque, lobster mac & cheese. It doesn't matter to me as long as it is not over cooked. When lobster is cooked to perfection the meat is succulent, tender, and irresistible. Melting in your mouth with each bite. Lobster rolls can be serve cold or warm, either way they are scrumptious, sweet delicious bites of the sea.

Did You Know

Although lobster is considered to be a gourmet dish today, lobsters were considered the "poor man's chicken" and primarily used for fertilizer or fed to prisoners and slaves. Lobster was considered to be dirt cheap and plentiful in supply. So it was a way to save money.

Lobster video:

Ingredients Lobster Rolls

2 Lobster Tails

1/2 tsp lemon juice

2 hot dog buns

1/3 cup mayonnaise

1/4 tsp basil

1 tsp parsley

1 tsp scallions

1 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/4 tsp tarragon

1/2 tsp old bay

Let's Cook!

  • Preheat oven 350°F

  • If you are using frozen lobster tails. Thaw the lobster tails completely.

  • Cut the lobster tail down the middle and remove the vein.

  • Gently run your fingers along the sides and the bottom of the lobster, pulled the meat out of the shell and rest the meat on top of the shell.

  • Melt in a small bowl butter, garlic powder, paprika, and onion powder.

  • Place the cast iron skillet in the oven with butter to allow the butter to melt.

  • Place the lobster tails in a cast iron skill add garlic powder, onion powder, basil, old bay, and paprika.

  • Top with parsley. Bake the lobster tails in a cast iron skillet in the oven 8-12 minutes. Do not over bake to make it rubbery.

  • Remove the lobster tails from the shells once they have completely cool. Cut them up in medium size pieces. Squeeze about a teaspoonful of lemon juice into the bowl.

  • After the lemon juice is added, fold in the mayonnaise, the scallions, tarragon, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, paprika, and old bay.

  • Blend all ingredients well place in the refrigerator to chill about 20-30 minutes to allow the seasoning to marinate.

  • Over medium high heat melt butter and place the buns to lightly toast on all sides.

  • Remove the lobster mixture from the refrigerator and build your lobster rolls. Top with parsley.

Bon Appetit, ENJOY!

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