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Seafood Pasta Salad

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

I love almost all things seafood. I am a seafood junkie for sure. Seafood pasta salad is just one of my true love recipes. This dish is filled with imitation crabmeat, shrimp, celery, red onion, mayo, Old Bay, fresh dill, salt, pepper, and Farfalle pasta.

Summertime cook outs are always filled with different side dishes to go with the smoky food cooked on the grill. This seafood pasta salad is no exception to the rules. You don't have to wait until the grill is pulled out to make this delicious recipe. Seafood salad is great any day of the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep it fresh if the seafood salad is for an event?

I recommend to keep the salad on a bed of ice to keep it cool. Since it has mayonnaise you don't want the dish to spoil.

How long can I store seafood pasta salad in the fridge?

Using an airtight container, the seafood pasta salad can be stored up to 2 days. You would not freeze the salad due to the fact is has mayonnaise in it and when it thaws it may change the texture, and the crisp celery and the pasta may be mushy in texture as well.

Let's Cook!

  • Boil the pasta for 9-11 minutes or until al dente and set to the side.

  • In a mixing bowl add the mayonnaise, lemon juice, old bay, dill weed, kosher salt, and black pepper.

  • Mix the ingredients well until it is creamy and smooth and set to the side.

  • In a large bowl combine the chopped imitation crabmeat, red onion, celery, and shrimps.

  • Next add the seasoned mayo mixture to the large bowl and gentle toss until all the ingredients are coated.

  • Drain the pasta and toss in the serving tray, mix well. Cover and place in the refrigerator to cool until you are ready to serve.

Bon Appetit, ENJOY!

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Erik James
Erik James
30 ene 2023

looks great !! as usual

Me gusta
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